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The popularity of Ruby on Rails has been on the rise with many startups choosing to use it to build their web applications. For most companies, Ruby on Rails development is not just fast but allows for easy deployment and maintenance of apps. Its popularity means you have to compete with other firms to find a Ruby on Rails developer.

As a new programming language, Ruby on Rails wouldn’t have many experts, would it? Chances are you might just end up hiring the wrong person. Sifting through resumes and asking interview questions may not lead you to the right candidate.

So what do you do?

Here are tips to help you get the right Ruby on Rails Developer:

  • The Ruby on Rails developer you hire should have a very good understanding of rails. It doesn’t matter if they have a working knowledge of other programming languages. The person you hire should have taken the initiative to learn Ruby on Rails and used it before. If they are learning it just to land a job, they aren’t good enough. Don’t hire them.
  • Ruby on Rails development is not something you can do and hide. That’s why the candidate you are interested in ought to provide references as evidence of work they have done previously. Their portfolio is the other place you can find information on what they are capable of doing. To know how mature a candidate is, you need to check for sample projects. Essentially you want somebody who can take on easy as well as difficult projects.
  • Does the prospective candidate have a blog? Do they write about their work? How much do they contribute to the Ruby on Rails community?
  • You are likely to find the person you are looking for in Ruby on Rails related workshops and events. What will attract a Ruby on Rails developer isn’t just the package on offer. Some of them want to buy into your idea before they can agree to work for you. So sell your project out there.
  • Be ready to spend lots of cash. Hiring a programmer who hardly meets the cut simply because they are cheaper may prove costlier in the long run.
  • There are a number of job portals where you can find the perfect match. Only be ready for the long-drawn process of going through resume after resume.
  • Perhaps working with an offshore Ruby on Rails developer is the best option. You will contract a firm which has a team of programmers working for it. That means you don’t have to worry about the work. The contractor is fully responsible. But you first must check out the years of experience the contractor has gathered working with Ruby on Rails. What are some of the projects they have handled? How is their portfolio? Do some of the projects they have handled match what you want? Make sure you hire the best Ruby on Rails developer.

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