About Us.

We are a product development team specialising in web, mobile and software applications. Our experience in validating and building our own products means all of our processes are geared completely towards building successful products.

We work with innovators and entrepreneurs who have product ideas but need help to make them a reality. We hold their hand through the entire process; from initial consultancy, through to validation, design, development and delivery.

Our technical expertise and knowledge of MVP means we mitigate risk by reducing wasted effort, resources and money, whilst all the time focussing on delivering products the end user actually wants.

What we do.




User Experience & Design


Idea Validation


Web Development




Mobile App Development

Does any of this sound familiar?.

Our clients tell us that they typically:

  • Didn’t know how to get started with their idea
  • Needed a prototype to show investors / validate with users
  • Wanted a team to be their technical partner and sounding board to explain what not to do as well as generating ideas
  • Were frustrated by non-delivery in previous attempts and other agencies
  • Angry that no one asked the right questions and understood their vision

Our Work.

Paul Taylor, Bromford Housing.

We chose GGA specifically as they helped us understand the problem we were trying to fix a lot better. Many others had skipped this and offered to go into delivery mode for something that would ultimately have failed. This was quick too - I often quote that working with Green Gorilla Apps has been the only time we've gone from ideation to prototype to delivery within business in just 12 weeks. Unheard of in housing circles!

Dan Davies, i-BDM.

We needed to own the technology so that our business owned the product and it could be developed or possibly franchised into the future. This meant a lot of back end technology work - some agencies were not willing to produce that end product for us. Their approach at GGA was brilliant – ears first! They sat down with us and listened to our requirements rather than putting forward their own preconceived ideas. They then came back with suggested technical solutions and feedback about the best approach for us.

Ruth Waring, Labyrinth Logistics Consulting.

We worked with Green Gorilla Apps, on a major web application project. We were immediately impressed by their energy and ability to grasp that what we needed was not necessarily the same as what we wanted - and that, with an app project, it's better to start small than try to "build a cathedral".

The Team.


Joener Preagola


Paul Rhodes


Ollie Cambridge

Designer / Developer

Chantall Herbert

Business Development

Paresh Parmar


Nikki Wilson


Dan Davies

Business Development

The Product Owners Club.

This year we launched something new and exciting for our network. We were being told over and over by potential customers that whilst they were keen to get started, what they really needed was a sounding board, a team who understand how to build a product, how launching an idea is different from other business ventures and understand the unique challenges of this exciting space.
If The Product Owners Club sounds interesting to you, dont hesitate to get in touch or join our Facebook group.

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